Photo Album Restoration.  At Preservation Source our professional staff does expert photo restoration and repair.  Our Mottto:  Give you photos a new life!!

Services provided for Antique (Old) Photos:  Cleaning of soiled, stained or dirty photos; Repair of the original old photo; Digital restoration & retouch of the photographic image; Photographic Negative made from the restored image; New prints (Fiber based or RC) made in a chemical dark room or New prints (art paper) made in the digital dark room

Services provided for Damaged Photos:  Repair of original Photo; Digital Restoration & Retouch of the Photographic Image; Negative made from the restored image; New prints

Services provided for (Disaster Photos) Damaged Photos from a Fire or Flood:  As soon as possible put wet damaged photos in zip-loc bags or wrap with plastic wrap and store in a freezer.  This will stabilize the photos until they can be helped.   At  Preservation Source our expert staff will separate the photos and negatives, flatten them and do the best possible treatment to recover all your photos.